Brake rotors: OEM out of production?

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Brake rotors: OEM out of production?

Post by AliceD »

Hi all. I have a 1992 GL1500A I'm maintaining and restoring as a hobby.

While getting new tires installed, I had the thicknesses of the brake rotors checked, and it seems that while I have a lot of life on two of them, the front-right rotor has just about had it (5.1mm out of 5.0mm).

However, I noticed the front-right rotor is marked as unavailable on Partzilla (part number: 45251-MT8-000). That usually means it's out of production. Maddeningly, the front-left rotor is still available, just not the front-right!

A few questions:

* I'm assuming these parts are directional/non-interchangeable, right?
* Should I just switch to EBC? Is it really worth trying to source new-old-stock OEM rotors at this point?
* If so, do I have to switch both front rotors to EBC at the same time? Will there be imbalance/brake drifting issues if I don't?

For context, I live in Canada, and as such it's much easier to source EBC rotors (from somewhere like FortNine) than trying to import OEM rotors. Import duties/taxes are always a crap-shoot as to whether you pay only sales tax, or if you pay sales tax and some obscene "processing fee" from the courier (UPS can charge up to $100!).

Thanks for the assist.

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Re: Brake rotors: OEM out of production?

Post by MikeB »

You can try sourcing used OEM rotors on eBay or through a salvage yard however it would be just as easy to use EBC rotors. They will be cheaper than oem. Just make sure you use EBC pads with the rotors. You should be fine with ebc.
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