!! STOP !! Engine Noise - READ this !!

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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!! STOP !! Engine Noise - READ this !!

Post by bbrackett »

!! STOP !! Engine Noise - READ this !!
this is how I fixed mine..

1988 GL1500, 136k, bought in 2019 with 80k from 2021-today, only in the past year maybe my LH cyl head got the dreaded noisy Hydaulic Valve Lash adjusters. I've been changing oil every 2500-3500 miles. when I first got the bike I used Delvac 10-40 a couple times, seemed nice, quieter, then started using the Conventional Honda Oil with Honda filter then moved to HP4 with NAPA Gold 1334.

well my engine noise had been getting worse !!
when cold it seemed like about 3-4 were noisy, just on the left side
warm and above 2k rpm it was fine, but even warm I could feel the engine

5-25-24 135,300 miles.. I changed my oil after 2600 miles and I got some Rotella T6, 15-40 for the summer with Mobile 1 Filter ( I ride in Missouri )

first couple rides, about 250-400 miles no change, so..

I channeled my grandfather and fathers' spirits ( they were handy and swore by Mystery Oil )
My father would run 1/2-1qt of Mystery Oil in his engine when changing the oil from time to time
so I got a small bottle.. put about 5oz in the fuel tank, and about 5-10oz in the Oil
I run 45-70mph, so.. 2000-3300rpms .. besides the extra twisting here n there to red line.. ( yes )

so.. when the engine sits overnight, or days it's been noisy when starting until it warms up
yesterday.. it sounded like only 1 was still noisy..

today.. nope.. nothing it didn't rattle and I didn't feel it either

I had 60 miles on the tank when I went for a ride today before I filled up I added about 5oz to the tank and about 5-8 to the oil again, filled up on gas and when I started it was smooth no noises, couldn't feel the engine have any issue. continued my ride, stopped at a couple stop signs.. smooth
stopped for an ice cream n a burger.. started .. smooth

I'm calling this fixed !!.. I just checked my mileage.. 136,303 !! - so after about 350-500 miles adding only about 10oz, with only my LH side noisy.. Mystery Oil saved me the trouble of removing the hydraulic lash adjusters and cleaning them manually..

I hope this helps someone !! :-)
Happy Fathers Day !!

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Re: !! STOP !! Engine Noise - READ this !!

Post by AceCycleNut »

Thanks! That's good to know. I have a 93SE and I changed out the engine for a 2000 model because of the dreaded shift fork transmission problem.
I know the engine I got has good compression but I have no clue about mileage or how well maintained it was before I got it. I first ran it with Rotella T-5 and a Honda filter for about 500 miles with Seafoam in the oil. When I changed that I went to a Napa Gold filter and Rotella T-6. I have some ticking when cold that I have been just "monitoring", and waiting for it to get to annoying to ignore. It's not bad right now.
Maybe I'll try some MMO to see if it helps me.
I'd rather ride than deal with cleaning lifters right now. ;)
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Re: !! STOP !! Engine Noise - READ this !!

Post by WingAdmin »

Sounds like your lifters were clogged from infrequent oil changes.

MMO works, but I have always sworn by Seafoam, which will do the same thing - dissolves sludge and clears passages. For either of these you must have actual flow for them to work - if they are completely clogged, no additive will fix it, they have to be manually/mechanically unclogged.
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Re: !! STOP !! Engine Noise - READ this !!

Post by bbrackett »

I was thinking about Seafoam and have used it in the carb, next oil change I try it in the oil

I think the issue is a culmination of a few things
1. a bit of the adjusters being gummed up
2. age/miles/hours on the oil pump so.. oil pressure maybe lower now ( need to install Oil Pressure gauge and check.. because if I raise rpm to 1500, now a single light tick is gone )
3. adjusters warn and allowing oil to blow by maybe..
4. left sides seem to be worse, and I haven't checked oil routing but if the LH head is last in the chain, then.. maybe it's due to things being a bit worn and allowing more oil to blow by.. ??

 given I only paid $250 for the bike ( no zero missing ).. I'm extremely pleased.. and wouldn't ride anything but a Wing !!

7/14/19 - 97,522 - When I bought it - Oil Change, Rear Diff Oil Changed, Splines Lubed, Fuel and Air Filter
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9/1/22 - 112,000 - Oil HP4 & Filter
11/22/22 - 117,800 - HP4 Oil & Filter
01/28/23 - 120,800 - HP4 Oil & Filter
05/22/23 - 127,277 - HP4 Oil n NAPA Gold 1334
02.21.24 - 132,600 - HP4/NAPA Gold #1334
05.25.24 - 135,300 - Rotella T6 15-40 w/M1

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