Flasher switch not staying engaged

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Flasher switch not staying engaged

Post by Yorick1026 »

Hi all, I’m new to Goldwings and all the maintenance/repair that goes with them. I have a 93 SE. The flasher switch won’t stay engaged and when I hold it in only the left side flashes. I read on here that left side only indicates a bad switch. Is it possible to replace a single switch or do I have to replace the whole unit with the turn signals, speaker fader etc? Thanks!

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Re: Flasher switch not staying engaged

Post by Rambozo »

The switch needs to be cleaned and re-lubed. Take it apart inside a big Ziploc bag or springs will go flying never to be seen again.
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Re: Flasher switch not staying engaged

Post by Snowmoer »

I second the above. Clean out the old grease and clean the contacts. You will put Dialectric grease back in. You can get it in a small squeeze tube at your local auto parts store. At some point you will want to do this to all the push switches on the handle bars. The old grease gets full of road grime and as it ages, it gets sticky. It will not let the locking pin in the switch do it's thing. I just did it on all my switches on my 88 and did not have any problems with them.
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Re: Flasher switch not staying engaged

Post by AceCycleNut »

Here's the how to from the forum. Patience and DON"T FORGET THE ZIP LOCK BAG! You can do it! Of course you might be able to find a new one if you look around. I'm betting after you see a price on one you will be back to you can do it,lol.


There are a lot out there that just don't touch that switch. It sticks because it's never used. If your lucky and it's not stuck in the on position you have the option of taking the easy out and just ignore it.

Good Luck


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