Budding Electrical Problem

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Budding Electrical Problem

Post by Cleetorn »

Riding my '06 1800 down the freeway with the cruise set at 70 mph. Suddenly, the cruise disengages and the speedo needle drops to nearly zero for about a half second before it comes back up. I don't lose power except for the few mph from losing the cruise before I bring the speed back up manually. I reset the cruise and it holds at 70 again. This may happen another time or two in the half hour it takes for me to get home. Or maybe it won't. Maybe it will do it again the next day and maybe it will be a few days before it repeats. A few days ago when it happened, the needle stayed down and though I could maintain the speed with the throttle, the cruise would not re-engage. Shortly after, the FI light came on and I signalled to get over. Having changed lanes, I discovered that the signals would not self-cancel. I ran on for about another half mile hoping something would change but everything stayed the same. The engine ran smoothly as I held the throttle at what I figured was about 70 and the tach registered appropriately. When the FI light didn't falter, I pulled over to the side of the freeway and turned the engine off for a few moments. When I turned the ignition back on, the FI light flashed for a moment like it is supposed to and then went out. The engine fired up with no hesitation and the Wing accelerated back onto the freeway with no lack of power whatsoever. There were no problems the rest of the way home. Yesterday, it experienced the cruise/speedo thingy again but none of the other FI-associated problems. I stopped at my Honda delaership and explained the whole situation to them. They puzzled over it for a half hour or so before coming to the conclusion that they had never heard of my symptoms before and had no idea how any of them could possibly be linked together. The best they could offer was for me to leave my baby for their tech to look over at $100 an hour. Based on what I explained, they said it may take the tech MANY hours over several weeks to isolate and diagnose, let alone repair. The money tree in my backyard died last year so funds are a little more difficult to come by. Any ideas to shorten the process and minimize the investment required would be greatly appreciated as I wouold have a hard time living without my Wing for that long. Surely, I am not the only one who is this attached.

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Re: Budding Electrical Problem

Post by virgilmobile »

When the spedo failed it shut off the cruise system.it's suppose to.It also set a code to the computer that it no longer is getting any speed signal.both things lead me to one common unit.The part that generates the speed pulses.Because I don't own one I don't know if your spedo is electronic or a cable drive.But one or the other is failing,usually at the wheel.If it's electronic,it can be a loose connection or even a mechanical part loose inside it.Check out what you have and post with pictures if possible.

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Re: Budding Electrical Problem

Post by 3W-lonerider »

i tend to agree with virgilmobile
since the speedo quit working which in turn cut out your cruise. also your turn signal canceller works off your odometer. i would be looking at a bad connection down at the wheel..it is also quite possible that the sensor at the wheel has water in it..making it an intermitten problem. those little black boxes hooked to the front wheel have been known to go bad.. sometimes they can be torn apart, cleaned and they'll work fine..other times they need replaced.

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