Using a mini Cherokee CB on GW? F4+2" FS

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Using a mini Cherokee CB on GW? F4+2" FS

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The bike is in the shop for winter, but I am asking if anyone has used the handheld Cherokee CB, or something similar, on the bike?
Other two bikes I ride with have CB and would be very helpful in heavy traffic to know where they are turning.

It is a full function CB with scanner and remote mic/speaker. I do have the power and antenna adapter. I don't have the money for any more parts to purchase an antenna or mic adapter. For future reference, has anyone used the Kennedy Audio Interface Devices to hook something like this up?

Seems to be if used with batteries, I just plug in the outgoing speaker jack to the MP3 line and listen to the CB on the intercom.

If I were to use an external antenna and power supply, not quite how to connect up the mic to the intercom.

I just purchased a new F4 customs +4' being installed shortly at Lancaster Honda. Hope that takes care of all my wind noise.

The +2" is like new with vent and is being sold with all parts needed for $250. Lancaster will install it for $22.

If not sold there, it will be in storage in Lehighton, Pa. PM if interested for pickup in Spring.


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