Goldwing sound

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Goldwing sound

Post by jandmq »

I have a 2008 goldwing which makes the alernator sound which I can not eliminate no mater what I try and I hate it. My question is does the new 2012 have this noise also? I have been told that it does not, I plan on riding one soon as the weather permits but won't even bother if it still sounds the same.My 2008 does seem to be louder than most.Any info on this will be appreciated, Jack

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Re: Goldwing sound

Post by virgilmobile »

I don't have one but this MAY help.
This noise...Is it a whine that matches RPM ?
If so then it is alternator noise.In todays world it's not common.
The AC whine is usually removed by 3 things.
Filtering in the alternator by design
A good battery
Noise filters in the radio by design.
Any one of the three can cause the alternator noise to come through the radio system.
....You mentioned that you tried everything...Was the noise always there?
What did you try..A filter? Remember that the radio system can have multiple power supplies and a filter may be needed on each one.Or better yet,Fix the cause of the noise...A bad(noisy) alternator.

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Re: Goldwing sound

Post by Sally »

I just read about this in the current wingworld issue. Stu says it's a bad brush in the alterator first place to look or a bad or broke spark plug wire shorting out. Hope this Helps. Sally :lol: :lol:

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Re: Goldwing sound

Post by wayne ian »

II have to ask. Is this sound thru the stereo as a buzz or just a whine from the alt? I have found that some makes of alternators with internal cooling fans make noise when the fan breaks away from the shaft. The fan still spins but slower. Just use small screwdriver to push clockwise on fan thru slots on alt.

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