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Turn Signal

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I am having big time turn signal trouble with a 2004 1800 goldwing. When I turn them on I have none burning in the real but the light come on on the front. then if I turn on the right turn signal the left light stays on and the right goes off and if I turn the turn signal off the right will come back on. Then if I turn on the left side the left goes off and the right stays on.

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Re: Turn Signal

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A few possibilitiesfirst, if the bulbs in the rear are burnt out or not working then some types of flashers will not allow the other bulb to flash. So if there are normally two bulbs that are supposed to flash but one, for one reason or another, is not working, the flasher will not flash just one bulb. I believe you have to get the rear bulbs workig before your flasher will work. I also believe you have a ground problem,or rather lack of ground. Check each of the sockets for not only power coming in, but a good ground. If this does not cure your problem purchase a good mechanical flasher.Good luck, ride safe.
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