BikeMP3 Aux Cable Question

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BikeMP3 Aux Cable Question

Post by v1butche »

I just added BikeMP3's aux cable to their CB I have installed on my Goldwing. The purpose of the cable is to send the audio from my GPS thru my speakers or my headset. It's a pretty easy connection, connect one end to the CB unit, and the other end to my GPS. I don't get any sound from the GPS, so I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this type of hookup.

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Re: BikeMP3 Aux Cable Question

Post by salyzyn »

Works for me. I had to set the GPS volume to 90% as the static would trigger the audio-mute.

Pete has had to struggle with some GPS models that have too low of a volume for their output, it would trigger, just too weak. Also, I think there is an incantation to enable the auxiliary cable which in essence to enable the FRS connection that the GPS shares, you should contact Pete for advice, make sure you have the GPS model number handy when you call him.
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Re: BikeMP3 Aux Cable Question

Post by augie47au »

Hi v1butche, I hope you have a better go with this Peter ELVIN of Bike MP3 as I did. He pissed me around for two years plus stating how he could make the Galway2 system work for Australian CB radios and their frequencies. I had sent him a brand new CB worh $430 plus paid him for the system and then I had to fight him for my money. Refused to return my radio and pay my money unless I signed a gag order. (I refused.) Every 6 weeks or so I would email him but he had a new excuse, this went on for two years plus until I said enough is enough. BEST OF LUCK MY FRIEND.....HOPE YOU HAVE BETTER LUCK......>BUT BE CAREFUL.
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Re: BikeMP3 Aux Cable Question

Post by kc8cta »

Mine works fine. You do have to have the cb turned on in order to hear the gps.

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