GL 1800 OR GL 1800A ??

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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GL 1800 OR GL 1800A ??

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Howdy Everyone,

I have seen that Honda has had some recalls in the past. I just purchased a used 2002 GL 1800 and being new to the newer goldwings, as bad as I hate to say it, I'm not sure if I have the 1800A or the 1800 :oops: . Can someone please tell me how I would find out what model I have ? I do see an A in the VIN # and am wondering if that A has anything to do with the model number ? Any help in the matter would be

2002 Goldwing 1800
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Re: GL 1800 OR GL 1800A ??

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When you first turn on your key, do you have an ABS symbol that lights up? If so, you should have an "A" model which signifies it is equipped with ABS brakes. There also may be an ABS in black on your chrome front brake covers. These would be indicators. As I have not had the brake system apart on one of these, as of yet, I do not know how to physically examine them for ABS or non ABS models. If you have not got a light that comes on on the dash, then likely, non ABS and so not an 1800A.
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Re: GL 1800 OR GL 1800A ??

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Look at the right side of the front wheel. If there is a notched wheel on the hub, this is part of the sensing system for ABS brakes. If you have this notched wheel you have an 1800A.
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Re: GL 1800 OR GL 1800A ??

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If you want to read up on the differences between the model years which includes problems/recalls that were issued, the link below chronicles it very well. ... ng_history



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