2012 trunk brake/tail lamps

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2012 trunk brake/tail lamps

Post by alleycat1 »

Hi there, can anybody shine some light on this curious problem, 2012 1800 trunk box with tail and brake filaments in all 4 bulbs, 2 per side, but only the brake filaments illuminate when braking as they should, but no tail illumination from the 5watt filaments.
The centre lamp under the trunk works correctly on both brake and tail.......HEEEEELP please

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Re: 2012 trunk brake/tail lamps

Post by virgilmobile »

I just did a mod on a 2012 lighting system
The brake is as you described.Only one lamp on each side is both park and brake,the other is only a marker lamp and they did light with the key on.
You have a electrical problem.The wires go through the trunk.That's as far as I went with this one i worked on.
Remove the assembly and look at the main plug....As I recall there are 4 wires...one is ground,one is brake,one has to be park,the other might be the lights that are out,test probe the wire for volts and trace the color code of the nonworking lamps.

In the mod I did,the owner opted for a VERTEX model LED to be added on.
4 ambers set to signal alert tied in parallel with the existing lamp and 2 red's set to steady burn and tied to the brake lamps.You cannot remove the existing turn lamps...they flash fast if one is removed.
The turn signals and brake lamps are obnoxiously bright.
They mount directly into the lamp housings.
The best part is they can't be seen.No ugly Walmart blinky lights stuck to the plastic.
http://www.swps.com/vertex.html?gclid=C ... PAodcnEAgg
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Re: 2012 trunk brake/tail lamps

Post by Viking »

If I had a 2012 motorcycle with electrical or seeming electrical problems, I would return it to the dealership where I bought it, or alternatively to any other dealership that handles warranty issues on said motorcycle. If I were to work on the bikes electrical, and it burned up, it probably would no longer have a warrantee which was honored. I do not trust manufacturers to be straight forward and honest in all their dealings with me. Sorry, but that is how I feel. I would suggest taking it to the dealer.
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