2005 GL1800 cruise control noise issue

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2005 GL1800 cruise control noise issue

Post by Wingcruiser »

My 2005 GL1800 (21k miles) has a problem with a loud whirring sound that begins once the cruise "set" button is activated. J&M recently tested the PC and PAL cord setups to both Arai helmets. No issue. Tried a Z series J&M setup. No change. Honda removed the XM wiring as it wasn't being used and may have been responsible for some level of interference. No change. Cruise activates and holds properly and all other audio functions are normal. Setting the cruise button to the "on" position does not activate problem. Actual engagement does. Spoke with my Honda rep in Denver about a possible grounding problem. One of the two grounding points, G1 or G2, may bear responsibility for the problem. G2 is fairly easy to get to, G1 is under the fuel cell and much more difficult and expensive to access. Honda, as I have heard for some years, used "Loctite" on some of the ground bolts. Loctite can in some cases inhibit a good ground connection. As of this post, I tend to think that the problem is with the cruise itself and not with incomplete ground. I need to look into the mechanics of the cruise (signal sending unit?) or something other than a possible grounding issue. The problem seemed to occur around 18k miles and now is constant and consistent. Had my Honda rep meet me at my local dealer and test the cruise for himself. Both he and the tech have never heard such a problem and as of now do not know what direction to go. Shutting down all audio is the best field solution for now but completely eliminates front and rear communications or anything related to audio.

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Re: 2005 GL1800 cruise control noise issue

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Please post the cause, if and when you find out. This is a really weird problem, as it began only at 18K miles. I would like the solution in my bag of tricks if it ever happens to me. Thanks for putting it here for all to see.

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Re: 2005 GL1800 cruise control noise issue

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Assuming the whirring noise is in your headsets only (not audible just running the bike), I would probably be looking at a bad ground as well - and the first place I would look is the actuator, being that it only happens when it is actually engaged:

GL1800 Cruise Actuator
GL1800 Cruise Actuator

From the service manual:

Remove the top shelter (page 2-11).
Disconnect the cruise actuator 6P black connector.
Check the connector for loose contacts or corroded terminals.

Connect a 12-V battery (+) terminal to the No. 6 terminal of the actuator connector and battery (–) terminal to the No. 3 terminal.
The actuator clutch should click.

Measure the motor coil resistances between the No.
1 and No. 2 terminals, the No. 1 and No. 4 terminals, and the No. 1 and No. 5 terminals.
Apply grease to the sliding portions of the switch.
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Re: 2005 GL1800 cruise control noise issue

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Noise is quite often a ground issue. Hope you find it soon and get things fixed.

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