Trike front end shake

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Trike front end shake

Post by crackercap »

Being new to the trike world as I purchased a 2007 Honda Gold Wing Trike about 3 weeks, and not having ridden one before, I am in the learning process. I have already gotten several good tips from members on this forum. Today while taking a short ride and getting more experience, I took my hands off the handle bars and got a bad shake from the front end. It required a firm grip to regain control. The trike drives great and steers relativity easily. It DOES NOT have ez steer installed and I assume a stock Wing front end. The tire is like new and handles well at 55-60mph. It is very sensitive at higher speeds and something I will need to be conscious or aware of when riding. Anyone have any suggestions or possible cures of this "shake" or is this the nature of the beast? Thanks

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Re: Trike front end shake

Post by Viking »

As I understand it, without modifying the front end, as in with an EZ steer, or rake kit, it will be the nature of the beast to shake. Both of the foregoing are intended as solutions to this. Not having ever had a trike, I do not know if this is true or not, nor do I know if it works or not - only that I have read about it. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will also chime in.
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Re: Trike front end shake

Post by wilsonoo »

I had the shake on my 1990 wing trike. I purchased a fork brace and it almost total cleared up the shake. I still have a little low speed shake 5-10 mph. It made a big difference. YouTube has a few fork brace video.
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Re: Trike front end shake

Post by tfdeputydawg »

With or without a rake kit, 2 wheeled, triked or with an "outrigger" the answer is don't take you hands off the bars :idea:
Having said that, lift the front up and see if you have any movement of the forks that indicates head bearing problems.
As far as adding a fork brace, I have yet to experience any benefit from adding one, maybe because I am not a aggressive rider and do not worry about fork flex!
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Re: Trike front end shake

Post by Sidcar »

Fit an EZ-Steer kit. Not cheap but it transformed my outfit. When I bought the outfit I had to keep a vice like grip on the handlebars at all times. Although it still gives an occasional shake at low speed it is very soft and the bike is now a real joy to ride. I've still to re-torque the head bearings as they've now had time to bed in and this might get rid of the remaining shake.
Money well spent as far as I'm concerned.


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