2012/2013 Hesitation Issue

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2012/2013 Hesitation Issue

Post by Cruiseman »

If you own a 2012/2013 Wing and have noticed engine hesitation or temporary loss of power, especially when your bike is cold, please sign a petition I have started. I already have 55 names of owners who are experiencing this problem.

I began noticing this problem at about 500 miles, and it is not getting any better. In fact, when cornering at low speed, when the bike is cold, it can be quite dangerous to lose power unexpectedly.


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Re: 2012/2013 Hesitation Issue

Post by jinx »

12/13 are not the only ones with this problem. As far as I know no one has found a solution for the problem.
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Re: 2012/2013 Hesitation Issue

Post by whp4262 »

I have a 2010 GL1800 with the same problem. It starts missing and loosing power most noticeably when the temp gage is 1/2 way between cold and normal operating temperature then it seems to clear up and run fine. Not a good situation when your pulling out into traffic.
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Re: 2012/2013 Hesitation Issue

Post by Viking »

I have found, when doing tight maneuvering, as in cone practice, that if I keep the revs up a bit, I am much more comfortable and less in dread of that hesitation. I do not believe anything short of a complete class action suit against Honda will ever make this go away. Every motorcycle I have ever owned has had some kind of idiosyncrasy that I had to learn to live with, and this bike is no different. In fact, I could probably extend that to every mechanical object I have ever owned. :mrgreen: I do not necessarily subscribe to the following theory, but I have heard it said "If it has breasts or wheels, you WILL have trouble with it". No resentful replies please, as I did not invent that theory, I only passed it on. If anyone does not find it even mildly amusing or factual, please feel free to remove me from your Christmas List. :o

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