What year 1800?

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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What year 1800?

Post by bobbyjoe »

I own a 1500 wing right now, but kindof wanting to upgrade to a 1800.My question is whats y'alls opinion on the best and lest trouble year model to buy?I guess what I'm asking is which year model had the least recalls.As always thanks for the response.

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Re: What year 1800?

Post by Viking »

Probably the 2006 to 2010. They only had one, which applied to all Goldwings, and this was for the secondary brake master cylinder inspection. Very few bikes actually needed any corrective measures. Early wings 2001 to 2004 had frame problems and quite a few had to be rewelded. I do not believe 2005 was part of that, but it was the last of the old model of GL1800 as in 2006 they had quite a few updates/upgrades. All that said, if the welding was done on those that required it, and the brake master cylinder inspection was done, only one other problem was ever of enough significance to mean much and that was the radios on early 1800 bikes, and I don't really know if it was common to any specific year model. If it is a GL1800, it is close to bulletproof. Probably easily good for a minimum of a hundred thousand miles.
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Re: What year 1800?

Post by thrasherg »

I second the Vikings suggestion!! :D

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Re: What year 1800?

Post by detdrbuzzard »

wasn't there an over heating problem on some early 1800's
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Re: What year 1800?

Post by Sally »

I have an 02 I bought this bike year because of color only I want the sunbrust pearl orange.That made up my mind. It had already had frame check I have not had any other problems. But in 06 the radio upgrade was huge alot better than eairlier models. But with a little time and research you can fix this too. ( the radio man ) google him..I personal would buy any up to model year 10 that's when they moved back across the pond.Again it's a GOLDWING.. Sally :lol: :lol: When you find one you fall in love with buy it don't worry about year.
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Re: What year 1800?

Post by Maverick »

I would say the '09 was a good year, but then again, if you see a model you really like, go for it.

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