Help with cruise control and audio cutting out

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John S
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Help with cruise control and audio cutting out

Post by John S »

Hello, this is a call for help to all those who have had a similar problem or have some technical skills with 1800 Goldwings:
My wife and I just took our 2007 GL1800 Goldwing out for our first time over night expedition since buying it a few weeks ago. I knew the FM radio audio cut in and out but I just thought it was a connection with the antenna. I loaded up my ipod with 4 hours of music to listen with the aux. selection and the same cutting in and out occurred so we turned it off. Apparently the cruise control works some of the time. That is, when it works it's fine until I disengage it but when I want to use it again it won't come on. I thought I was just not following a sequence of button pushing but no, it simply works intermittently. It make me wonder if these problems are connected in some way.
Does anyone know where to start looking to solve this problem?
I appreciate your help- thank you!

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Re: Help with cruise control and audio cutting out

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Sorry, I'm not an expert, but sounds like you have a poor contact in one or more of your connector plugs or a bad ground. I would start cleaning those circuit points one at a time. :cry: :roll:

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Re: Help with cruise control and audio cutting out

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Could be a bad connection but check the easy stuff first. Check the MUTE setting on your radio, if it is to high the wind noise will mute the radio, also on your cruise, do you ave after market (chrome) hand levers, when you try to reset the cruise lightly push out on the clutch lever then try lightly pushing out on the hand brake lever.

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