MIRROR on GL1800 (2007)

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MIRROR on GL1800 (2007)

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Ok, I know in the history of GL1800s I can't be the only one to ask this question (but I can't locate any forum where it has been addressed).
For what ever reason (vibrations or a jealous passerby), my right mirror (the entire mirror) was broken off and hanging by the wires. When you peel back the rubber protector on the mirror, there are bolts that mount the mirror to a frame work. MY QUESTION: do I need to replace the entire cowl stay, at great expense, or can something else be done. Anxiously awaiting a viable reply. SG

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Re: MIRROR on GL1800 (2007)

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You might check the blowups (exploded views) on this site:

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Re: MIRROR on GL1800 (2007)

Post by artgrantz »

Is the mounting plate on the bike still intact and useable? If so you can buy the entire mirror assembly from Honda for about $250.
When my mirror housing and turn signal lens broke the price for those two parts came to almost $225. For a few dollars more I got the whole mirror and didn't have to try to repair the old mirror assembly. It came completely assembled, with the light bulb in it. 3 bolts and one electrical plug and I was done.
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