Rear suspension --- NOT by the book

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Rear suspension --- NOT by the book

Post by DonNJ »

At 101,000 miles I think the stock shock is still good but the pre-loader doesn't engage until 16 so I know I need to add some oil and change the stock line..

When my 2006 GL had 5k miles on it, I had Progressive springs installed in front and rear. When they did the rear spring, the loosened both bags. stuck a 2x4 to keep them away from frame and had the shock out, swapped springs and installed it in less than 20 minutes. I know I need to add fluid through the banjo bolt and I guess a new metal braided hose would also be a good idea.

Unfortunately the "book" says to get to the rear shock and/or pre-loader you have to remove the gas tank. Does anyone know how to get at the unit without following the book since I know it is possible since I saw the Progressive guys do it. (I should have taken a video.)

Any info would be appreciated. While I am at it, I have no leaks in the front or any problems i can sense but at 100.000 miles should I have the forks rebuilt or leave well enough alone?


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Re: Rear suspension --- NOT by the book

Post by Ghostman »

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Re: Rear suspension --- NOT by the book

Post by charliektm400exc »

Here's a full description along with discussion ... ost4019190
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Re: Rear suspension --- NOT by the book

Post by Fatwing Chris »

I gotta tear into mine one of these days and install the 2013 assembly that I picked up.I already filled the oil on the stock one and it starts at 0-1 now and it is a bit better,but not nearly good enough.I'd love to be able to do it without pulling all that stuff off as well,but I guess it'll be a good time to take a good look around the bike.
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Re: Rear suspension --- NOT by the book

Post by Sally »

I changed mine last winter. anyways the guy a traxxion told me to loosen right bag remove shelter and pick tank up about one inch to loosen top shock bolt and take it out . That's how they do it so fast other wise it's like 8 hours. Well I had the shelter off fuel tank empty and bag lose. I found it was much easier to just finish what I started I removed the tank and pick the shock right out. they wanted me to drop it out bottom well by the time you take lowwer apart it's not any easier. I think I was like four hours and took my sweet time to make sure everything was perect. make sure tanks empty and take battier out turn tank pick up and out then whole area is free to check everything over and get hose back in the right way. changed air filter while right there also. Really not bad the book makes it sound like rocket sciencs it not.. Sally :roll:

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