deceleration shimmy

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deceleration shimmy

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I want to post what I have found out from my own problem with deceleration shimmy...just started happening last Saturday. Took the Wing into the dealership on Tuesday. On Wednesday they called and after replacing both front and back tires (front was cupped and back showing cord), they found out on a test ride it still did it. Now they found it...front drive shaft U-joint is worn out, bearings shot. Waiting to hear how bad the situation is...hopefully since it just started it will not involve the back end of the drive shaft and pig. I should also add the Wing had 56 K on it when I got it, now has 65 K and unknown maintenance, to me anyway, before my purchase.

My poor toy is busted and they don't have the parts, but can order and will be back on the road in less than a week with a much thinner pocketbook! I will come back in here and post total cost of parts and labor for anyone who wants to get sick with me. :lol: :lol:

Since I am about to retire and the Wing is my only real toy, I refuse to have a busted one. How would I get away from home and relax on some long rides without it?? HA HA

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