Nolan Trilogy Helmet-J&M vs N-Com Intercom

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Nolan Trilogy Helmet-J&M vs N-Com Intercom

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I have been researching new helmets and am leaning toward the Nolan Trilogy. I'd like to utilize the GWs on board I-Com and was wondering if the J&M headsets/mics can be installed in the Nolan helmet ?....or if the Nolan N-Com set up has to be used? I've done a lot of reading on both systems and get mixed reviews (as expected) on both. I have no experience in the I-Coms so any information or first hand experience and/or advise would be helpful.

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Re: Nolan Trilogy Helmet-J&M vs N-Com Intercom

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Yes you can put a J&M system into the Nolan helmet. ... 29-N143-HO

I have a Nolan Helmet with their N-Com system. I had some initial hiccups with the system initially as I was sold old technology. Seems to be a lot of it around still.

Since getting that resolved I have to say that I am very happy with the system. Sounds very nice and of course because it's made by Nolan for their own helmets the integration is clean. With the J&M system you end up with a block on the side of the helmet for lack of a better description. The Nolan system sits inside the small access door on the left side and retains the door and remains flush.

So here is the key. If you go with the Nolan N-Com system make sure you get the GoldWing cable with the micro USB connection to the helmet.

The old technology is a mini jack on a cable that was too short.

More info here:

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Re: Nolan Trilogy Helmet-J&M vs N-Com Intercom

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I just bought a pair of Trilogies last year for the wife and I and we both just love them... Comfortable, great face shield that is out of the way when up, not like the older N41 where the shield was in your line of site when up... Shield also has two other detents for being partially open so you can get more air if you desire... The built in sun shield is great as well... Haven't had the need to wear my sunglasses with this new helmet as I normally wear glasses anyway...

In terms of headsets, nearly any headset you want to install will work, just a matter of cutting away a bit more foam for the ear pieces... I use a very old Airrider headset, the one that employs an electret mic and those ear pieces were large, so I had to cut away additional foam in the Trilogy ear piece foam inserts... The Airrider works just fine and within the Trilogy, at least in my case, positioned the ear pieces directly over my ears so I hear much, much, better with this helmet when listening to GPS commands, Intercom, CB, and music into the ear pieces...

IMO, you'll love the Trilogy helmet, and I may try BT headsets at a future point in time, but I am just not willing to give up my electret mic Airrider headsets, so it might be some time before I switch...

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