AM radio static noise on Highway

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Boss Hog
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AM radio static noise on Highway

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I just bought myself a 2006 Goldwing. The AM radio makes static noise when I get up to around 60 mph. At 50mph it seems to be good. The intercom is shut off and the FM works well. Where I live all I get is AM stations and would like to listen to them. I tried an antenna off my friends 2010 Goldwing and there was no difference and I found out later he has the same problem. I checked the ground and the connections. It seems like the static noise is coming from the wind. If there is a wind then the interference starts at slower speeds. I have searched all the goldwing forums and haven't found anything that would help. Please don't tell me that they installed an AM radio in the goldwing but it will never worked properly. Does anyone have a solution?

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Re: AM radio static noise on Highway

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I don't know if it will help on AM or not But I bought a singal booster for my bike seems I have a stronger singal on FM never tried AM. I google car radio antenna booster, So I put it under the seat where the antenna wire splits and ran a wire to a power source that was hot only when key is on. Sally Good luck
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