2009 w/Navi-XM radio

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Leonard Rutka
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2009 w/Navi-XM radio

Post by Leonard Rutka »

I have a 2009Wing w/Navi-XM/Sirus Radio, my problem is as follow; when I start my machine the display for the radio is blank, I have to push radio button on the upper left corner and that will bring on the AM Radio stations, I then have to push the XM radio button to get the AM/Sirus stations. I spoke to the mechanic at my dealer and he stated that he never seen or heard of this problem. Has or does anyone out in the Wing Wiorld have or had this same problem and if you do how did, how did you fix it. My bike is still under warrenty, if tha makes a difference.

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Re: 2009 w/Navi-XM radio

Post by Viking »

Your darned right it makes a difference that it is under warranty. That means that you ensure that a Honda dealership fixes it for you. Taking the mechanics statement that he had never seen or heard of the problem before and letting it go at that just don't cut it. Get a work order on it to document it, and then give them a chance to fix it, followed by moving up the food chain till you get to ole Mr. Sakamoto or whoever is at the top. That said, that is my normal method of solving such a problem, but you need to act on your own behalf. I tend to push hard when I feel I am right. You may get different mileage out of your attitudes, lol. My 2009 is no longer under warranty, so I am pretty much left on my own now, so this here forum, GoldwingDocs.com is now a lifeline for me.

Good luck with your favourite dealership. (Having a Canuckian model 2009, I do not have XM Sirius radio - but rather Weather radio) I also still have a CF carded Navi, where you would have SD card.
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Re: 2009 w/Navi-XM radio

Post by ksdalet »

I had the same problem. Even getting a CB error when starting. I had to restart two or three times to get it working. My battery was 6 years old and after I replaced it with a new one the problems went away. Probably not enough power getting to the controller. Now when I start up everything works great and even the last channel I had on XM starts playing through the headset, not the speakers.
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Re: 2009 w/Navi-XM radio

Post by GoldWingrGreg »

Be sure to have the battery tested and hope that it's that. FYI ... audio is probably not covered by extended warrantee.

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