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Swap Body Parts (Tuppaware)

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:47 pm
by winginit05
Hello Fellow Wingers!
In July 2013 I totaled my beloved 05 Black Cherry GL1800 when an oncoming car turned left in front of me. I was able to slow down enough that I only got the breath knocked out of me, and the bike absorbed most of the impact. Since then, I got a very good deal on a 08, but its dark red. My brother has a Titanium with spoiler, and likes the dark red color. So I have offered to trade colored parts with him, this will leave me with the Titanium. So what I'm looking for is someone that has a Black Cherry GL1800 with spoiler, that would like to trade for Titanium.
Of course it would be easier if that person was close to Valdosta Ga, we could meet and swap. I know it seems like I'm asking a lot but I wont know if someone's out there if I don't ask. If your interested let me know, I have it listed on Craigslist as well.