Information for a magazine article on ownership/reliability

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Information for a magazine article on ownership/reliability

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This message appeared on Steve Saunders board, and Kev, the author asked me to post it to this board. Please reply to Kev, and not to me. I'm just an owner like you, but I responded to Kev and suggested he post on a couple of other boards, including this one to get more responses.

Thought I ought to introduce myself , especially as I have no right to be here at all....

I don't have a Goldwing. There, I've said it.
I'm a freelance journalist working at the moment for RiDE Magazine in the UK. I'm currently researching a big (8 page) feature for the magazine on the subject of - you guessed it - Goldwings. Speciifically the 1800. It's an in-depth buyer's guide, with info on running costs, potential problems, clever modifications and recommended accessories.

As part of this we contact every owner on out database, asking them to fill out a questionnaire. Unfortunately we only have ten Wing owners on the database, which is a rather small sample!

Obviously there's a huge amount of wisdom out there among owners, and much of it is concentrated on the various owners' forums. Rather than just lurk in the background and suck up the knowledge, I prefer to join the forums and announce my intentions in case anyone objects!

So, I'm looking forward to getting a feel for Wing ownership via your forum, and I hope you won't mind if I post a request elsewhere asking for owners to contact me at if they'd like to fill in a questionnaire.

Thanks for reading,

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