Advice for a new windshield

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John S
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Advice for a new windshield

Post by John S »

I ride a GL 1800, am 5'11" with a 32" inseam.
At this point I think the best windshield for me might be the Optic Armour and I'm trying to decide between the +2 or the +4. Apparently the F4 and Optic Armour are the same shields.
The +2 would probably be enough to help me with wind buffeting but my wife rides with me and she's 5'9".

Would the 2+ be enough to help her with the wind (and possibly rain) or do I need to go with +4. I don't know what the +4 will look like- I have a vision of a huge sail for a windshield (which I don't want).

Any good advice out there? Will the +2 be enough? Is the +4 as tall as I think it might be?

Thanks for the input

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Re: Advice for a new windshield

Post by harvey01 »

I have been riding with an F4 for the last 4 years and really like it. Since I like to always look over the windshield rather than through it especially in the rain, I really can't advise on the height. I think mine is the standard all the way down.
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Re: Advice for a new windshield

Post by Viking »

From what others have said, the F4 +4 is not adjustable. Once you mount it, what you see is what you got... The +2 is supposed to be adjustable. It has also been written here, somewhere, that a +4 can be modified to be adjustable, but that also, I am not sure of. Others may chime in with more of the tech stuff on these windscreens.
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Re: Advice for a new windshield

Post by canuck623 »

In my humble opinion the National Cycle VStream is the best windshield if you are concerned with your passenger comfort. These big shields like the F4 etc. all only do one thing. They punch a bigger hole in the air and hope it doesn't close up before it gets to the passenger. Usually the passenger is the one that gets beat to death and the rider is fine. The VStream modifies the air that flows around the shield rather than just making a bigger hole. I know this is superior because my passenger said so. Not the manufacturer. As far as rain is concerned there isn't a shield that will protect your passenger.

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