Noisy bearing or normal noise !!

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Noisy bearing or normal noise !!

Post by winger1976 »

I have traveled two up and just the spinning of the front wheel seems noisy. In two occasions at speeds of 60 - 70 MPH on an open smooth road, a sudden noise comes from the front end of my 2012 Goldwing that has less than 2500 miles on the clock. It sounds like a continuous noise such as growling that lasts for 10 seconds more or less. This is riding in a straight line, no turning, no leaning just the sudden noise. I was wondering if the electric fans are turning on and making that noise.. just don't know. But why would the fans kick on with the continuous movement of air while in motion?

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Re: Noisy bearing or normal noise !!

Post by Sagebrush »

The fan would be easy to check out just by idling the bike until it warms up enough for the fans to come on.
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Re: Noisy bearing or normal noise !!

Post by Viking »

That sounds a lot like road and tire noise coming up through the suspension tunnel. I put foam inserts in there to shut off some of the noise. Most of the tire manufacturers have noisy tires. Avon seems to be quieter, while Dunlop is noisier. This has been my experience. Your noise may be something else, so this is just something to look at.
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Re: Noisy bearing or normal noise !!

Post by peppilepew »

Mine has a noise similar to a Maytag washing machine. More prevalent at lower rpms.

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