Custom Saddle - Diamond or Russell Day Long

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Custom Saddle - Diamond or Russell Day Long

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Hey guys,

Looking for some opinions here on either Diamond or Russell Day Long... I owned a Diamond on my previous 1500 and rode it for 20 years - a fine saddle, but I am curious about Russell Day Long which I have also heard very good things about...

I would be interested in comments on the Russell in particular, as I have owned a Diamond in the past, although Diamond has REALLY gone up in price... They want $1700 for their saddle with my options as opposed to Russell who wants $1200 - a big difference, especially since I remember paying only 900 dollars for 1500 saddle purchased in 1994... Yeah, I know it's been a few years but really - a 800 increase in cost - nearly double???

We're probably leaning toward the Russell but would appreciate comments on both, especially late model Diamond ( the last few years)... All comments, good and bad appreciated...


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