GL1800 Misses on Acceration

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GL1800 Misses on Acceration

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On my last ride I noticed that I had a slight miss at idle while at a stop light. Didn't notice it while at highway speeds. During acceleration I noticed it was missing. Not terrible but enough to notice. Once I got to cruising I didn't notice it. While at stop light it did have a very minor miss. When I got home I noticed bottom exhaust pipe on both sides were sooty looking. Didn't notice that before. Any ideas on where to start? Thx

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Re: GL1800 Misses on Acceration

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Without knowing mileage or maintenance history of your wing, my guess would be an ignition problem so I would troubleshoot in the following order:

Spark plugs> check for a crack in the porcelain, check gaps, check for proper heat range of plug, replace if over 15000 miles.
Plug Wires> check connection to plug, check for cracks or weathering etc., replace if questionable.
coil pack> check ohms in all three coil packs for consistency or refer to manual for coil testing.

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