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radio problem

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I have a radio problem that I need help with. I have seen a posting on this but really no solution. My radio was working find till I swapped out the battery. Now the radio plays when bike is in neutral and all the info center works as it is suppose to. When I start the bike up the radio continues to work as should. When I pull in the clutch cable to shift into a gear the radio still works. When I release the clutch with the bike in gear the volume on radio mutes but radio is still on. No power lost to radio just there is no volume out of the speakers on bike. Pull the clutch back in and radio volume returns. I have checked fuses for radio and connections at battery and have even reset all settings and still have the problem. Also, when the aux gin is on radio power is on but no volume when in this position even in neutral. I have hooked up a friends battery a replacement on his bike with no problems to radio or other components. I am at a lost unless there is a connector not making contact. Strange that radio does not play when in gear moving. Thought about a neutral sensor switch not working but this bike is a trike conversion and no kickstand. Would greatly appreciate any advise or help. Thanks redshoe911

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Re: radio problem

Post by WingAdmin »

You've got a bad ground, likely on the radio itself. It's finding a ground through your neutral/clutch switch diode...somehow. It's not always apparent without a great deal of time studying the circuit diagram just how it's finding its ground elsewhere, but the fact that its behavior is being modified by the clutch/neutral switch (which short to ground) points to this.

However, the bad ground isn't ENTIRELY bad - the radio is finding enough of a ground somewhere to give it enough power to turn on when you are in gear. However, there isn't enough current getting through to run the amplifier (which means no speakers). The amplifier draws far more current than the rest of the radio.

Lift the false shelter of the bike and check out the 34 position black connector on the radio:

GL1800 Audio Connector
GL1800 Audio Connector

You'll see the green wire in the corner - that's ground. Check its continuity to make sure it has zero resistance between it and ground. You could also try running a wire from a known good ground, and placing it against the metal chassis of the radio, or connecting it with that green wire. If that fixes the problem, then you know that a bad ground is your issue.

You also might just have a dirty connector - take that 34P connector and clean it out with contact cleaner, check all of the pins and sockets to make sure they have a tight, solid grip on one another.
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