Need electrical help on 2014 gl1800

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Need electrical help on 2014 gl1800

Post by survior »

Hello everyone, I just had A "Motor Trike unit installed on my new Goldwing, Trike rides great but, I have no power to my CB, Radio, and self cancelating turn signals do not turn off. Also , the only information in the display panel is "clock" trip meter" and speedometer. The guys who worked on it do not have a clue what is wrong, and, I am afraid to have them work on it any further as I am sure they will frie the electrical system. I told them this was a total plug and play bike, and if anything unusual came up to let me know. They delivered it buttoned up and then told me the news. Any comments/ suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Survior

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Re: Need electrical help on 2014 gl1800

Post by flash2002 »

It was working when you brought it in, let them find and fix the problem. If they brake it, they should pay for it.

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Re: Need electrical help on 2014 gl1800

Post by harvey01 »

While I agree with Flash 2002, I realize your fears also. Perhaps you can work a deal with the trike guys that you take it to a Honda Dealer and they pay for the fix. I suspect something is hooked up wrong, or just not hooked up.

I had a VW Golf that a local mechanic admitted freely was running better before he worked on it than when he finished. He suggested I take it to the dealer and he would pay. It seems that he forced a plug in upside down the wrong wires were mating up. The dealer tech found it in about 5 minutes, cleaned the plug, straightened the prongs and put it together correctly. He then informed me about the water pump going bad. I had them replace the pump and they charged me for that only. I told the local Mechanic what happened and he still felt bad and offered to pay for the water pump replacement. I refused to allow him.
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