Noisy Front End

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Noisy Front End

Post by allen51 »

Have a 2013 Goldwing three wheeler with a CSC conversion that has suddenly developed a clicking sound in the front end. Has a chrome front wheel. The sound appears to be coming from the front axle or steering head, unable to tell. No feedback thru the handlebars. Frequency of clicking or pitch of sound does not change. A bit more noticeable in turns. Any ideas.

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Re: Noisy Front End

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I see you haven't had any responses to your inquiry, but I had the same thing happen to my trike, after about 200 more miles my front tire developed a huge bulge. The tic tic changed to thump thump, and I was lucky to make it home. DANG I wish they made a car tire to fit instead of paying thru the nose for rubber I will never use. So if you haven't found the problem yet, do a really good inspection on your front tire. Including put a block of wood next to it and spin it( of course it has to be jacked up )if it looks good that way, then put the block across the tread so you can see any changes in height, and spin it again. If that's all good then you will have to delve into other places to figure it out. Let us know.
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