Slight Tick/Pinging Below 2000 RPM

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Slight Tick/Pinging Below 2000 RPM

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I just purchased a 2004 with 15k miles on it. It has been ridden very little for the last 2-3 years. I noticed a slight pinging below 2000 rpm, but it goes away above 1800 to 2000 rpm (or I just can't hear it). It is not constant either. I have been running 91 and seafoam and just changed the oil, 10w40 amsoil syn. No sediment on the drain plug. Does not sound like lifters to me. Could I be hearing the fuel injectors?

Very new to the 1800. Power response is good with no hesitation in the throttle at all.

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Re: Slight Tick/Pinging Below 2000 RPM

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Very possibly the injectors. Sound may be more prominent on the right side.
No reason to run 91 octane. The bike was designed to run on 87. Also, no need to use Seafoam all the time. Most only use it for winter storage, or occasionally once or twice during the riding season.
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Re: Slight Tick/Pinging Below 2000 RPM

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You should not lug the motor. Running below below 1800 rpm is lugging and is hard on the motor. That is likely the reason for your pinging. One should not lug any motor actually. Raise your RPMs up above 2000 and your bike will be much happier.
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