GL1800 Rear brake recall

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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GL1800 Rear brake recall

Post by redial »

In case people were not aware of this recall by Honda, published in 2011 in Australia, here is the recall notice:
Honda - Honda GL1800 Motorcycles
PRA number: 2011/12954
Date published: 14th December 2011
Product information
Product description
2001-2010 Honda GL1800 motorcycles
Identifying features
Target number: 1058
See attached VIN list
What are the defects?
Blockage of the compensator port in the secondary brake master cylinder may lead to the rear brake dragging and a temperature increase in the brake disc and surrounding parts.
What are the hazards?
The defect may result in the rear brake dragging, causing a temperature increase and a risk of fire. There is also a risk of the bike skidding, potentially leading to a crash.
The "Target Number" refers to the number of Australian 1800s.

Hope this raises awareness.

Len in Kapunda

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Re: GL1800 Rear brake recall

Post by mcbrown »

I bought my 2010 wing new in September 2011. I had my wing checked when the recall notice was made public here in Australia and got the all clear. 1000 km later had a rear brake seize at 100km/hr on the freeway. No brake lockup but very quick deceleration and a terrible burning smell. Had some disagreements with the dealer regarding them doing the job properly. I told them I wanted the pads and disk replaced and they said it was not necessary. They only replaced the secondary master cylinder. The disk was badly scorched with a black to brown colouring and they did not see it as an issue. I picked the bike up and when riding it to work that night every time I touched the brakes the whole bike would shudder. I took it back the next day and very angrily told them that the disk needs to be replaced which they finally agreed too after taking it for a test ride.
My bike was out of action for a total of three months because they had to get a disk from Japan and also rebuild the master cylinder. So far its been ok.

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