BlingLights BL-5000K Installation Help

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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BlingLights BL-5000K Installation Help

Post by Chopperman »

I have a 2008 GL1800, it had no driving lights . I bought these Blinglights but the instructions aren't for motorcycles like they said they were. I thought I found a video on line before I ordered them on the installation but I can't find it now.
Has anyone ever installed these on their GL1800 and if so what kind of bracket\mounting instructions did you use?
I have the bottom Cowl piece off and the inserts removed. I just need to figure out how to mount these awesome lights or get the standard OEM ones.

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Re: BlingLights BL-5000K Installation Help

Post by lzybt »

I have them too. Haven't found one article on installation on a goldwing! I guess you just have to guess?
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Re: BlingLights BL-5000K Installation Help

Post by curley »

I don't know if these are the same model "bling lights" that you have but if you go to this post on another 3, post #84 by Hondaron it may give you some help: ... alo+lights

(yea.. hondaron is my other "handle")...hope this helps
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Re: BlingLights BL-5000K Installation Help

Post by gpadick »

I installed a set on my 2006. It was the greatest PITA of any project I have done on it.
The kit is set up for a car, so nothing is right for the 1800. You need to refab everything. A picture on the installation instructions will give you the main clues. I got a 4 inch PVC coupling and cut it in half to make 2 rings. They were a little too tight to fit over the lamp mounts of the Honda trim, so made a cut in the diameter so it could flex. Then you need to mount the lamp brackets into the PVC rings using nylon spacers and longer screws. Next use PVC glue and glue them in position on the Honda trim. Now you will have to redo the wiring harness. You also need to mount the inverter (looks like a relay and seller calls it that). You will have to provide a set of mating connectors so you can remove the trim next time. You end up with everything installed on the Honda trim.

In contrast the OEM lamp brackets fasten on the engine to mounting bosses provided and connect to harnesses provided. A lot easier installation. Seller also stated the kit included a "Honda" style rocker switch--another lie. He was supposed to stop stating the kit was for GL1800.

Good Luck.

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