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Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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nav display

Post by TexMan »

I have a 2008 wing w/navigation
Went to crank the bike up to go for a ride and my display screen would light up briefly, or should I say flash white, and then go black.
I can tell there's a very dim light on the display,you really have to look hard to tell or get in different angle,but other wise it looks black or blank
Took seat (heated)off to check wiring ,cant find any loose wiring
I would appreciate any suggestions, I would be truly grateful ,Thanks in advance for the help

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Re: nav display

Post by jinx »

First as much as I hate to say the obvious check the fuses. Now does the speedo and other gauges work ? Do you hear any beeping when you press the buttons ? And last does the bike the original nav timer mod by Fred_H ? It has been known to cause problems ;like that when it malfunctions.

Now there are connections under the meter panel, next to the right fairing pocket under the shell, under the seat near the right side of the trunk and in the trunk under the nav shell. Any of these could cause the problem but check the 6pin white connector under the seat and the power connector under the seat near the relay harness .

Sorry I know with out diagrams and pictures it is a bear but I know someone on this board who knows how will post both soon.
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Re: nav display

Post by KVTennessee »

I have a 2008 GL 1800 with Navi and my screen went black as I was riding down the freeway. There appears to be a back light on, but can only be seen if I look very closely or after dark. I've checked the fuse, but if back light is on, wouldn't fuse be good or is there a second fuse? I plan to check all connectors under seat, under upper right side control panel, etc. after we return from Florida next week. We'll just go without a working screen. I wonder if the odometer is still working?
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