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2001 Fuel injector issue

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:28 am
by madeouttaglass
I recently picked up a high milage 2001 that was laid down on it's right side by the original owner. Damage is only cosmetic but significant. I got to ride it about 10 miles but kept getting a FI code that turned out to be for the right knock sensor which had it's wire ripped off in the incident. I hooked it back up and removed the battery ground to see if it would reset the indicator. When I test drove it up my road the following day the bike seemed to now be missing on one cylinder. It also now shows the code for a bad #5 fuel injector. (I never touched anything there, nor did the crash disturb anything there.)
In many hours of internet searching I found that the injectors can go like this with no warning. (184,000 year round northeast miles on this bike. It has seen salt.) I also found that the bike is set to shut down the spark and fuel after it is shut off and not allow either until the issue is fixed.
I am a decent mechanic with a garage and decades of wrenching behind me but am never afraid to ask questions of those who have done a job before me.
What help I am looking for here:
1- A decent how to on accessing the injector.
2- How to erase a hard code. I have read to look for a black connector (that is unhooked) under the seat that has a black and a green wire. I have not found it on this 2001 yet.