Navi updates 2006 gl1800

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Navi updates 2006 gl1800

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Wondering about easiest/cheapest way to update maps/operating system on 2006 gl1800. Thanks.

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Re: Navi updates 2006 gl1800

Post by JerriEric »

I've worked on this issue for a long time. Bottom line, if you want everything to work you must buy the upgrade from Garmin. The firmware upgrades will work if you get them from other members but the map upgrades have an issue with POI's not working if you don't buy from Garmin. I am running firmware 4.7 on my '06 and can send that to you but I don't see any real advantages from '06 but it has been a long time since I ran the stock firmware delivered with the bike. I have downloaded and run 2014 maps from a site for free but the POI's did not work. I went back to my 2011 maps and just upgraded to the 4.7 firmware. My '06 has always had an issue with programming long coast to coast trips no matter what firmware I am using. I get "Insufficient memory error" message and have to split the route into at least 2 smaller routes. Garmin told me some of the '06 Wings came with less memory then later models. Not sure I believe that but I don't do those long trips any longer.
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