Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Sadly there seems to me there has been little improvement on the GL1800 illumination from the 1500. It has been just over a year since I eventually made the change to a 1800, a 2002 but with only 8k on the clock. It is so disappointing that so little improvements seem to have been made. I have retro fitted excellent illuminated handlebar controls with dimmer control from Rivco Products

I have removed the tuppence hapenny Mickey Mouse faulty hazard and foglight switches and retro fitted good quality switches, after visiting rattlebars website, that cost me less than 5 quid for hazards that I can switch between working with or without ignition being on.

I will also be improving the illumination to this panel to match the handlebar controls as I know others have done, I will be removing the radio unit to improve the dull grey looking illumination in the same way also, that only shows up when on a unlit country lane, and is dull even then.

It started when a mate turned up a few weeks ago to show me his new 2014 Honda Civic for which he paid = to $32,000, I was astonished at the quality of the cockpit and dash illumination compared to a Goldwing that costs = to $40,000. I have not seen the illumination display on a late model or 2014 Goldwing yet, but I wonder if any improvements have been made over the red needles.

Suppose I am too old school, but is it expecting too much from a $40,000 bike.

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Re: Illumination

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The 2012 and up models all have white needles instead of the red. I'm currently in the process of changing the illumination on my 2012 to amber leds. So far I have the illumination converted on the radio control panel and the suspension controls, my next project is the handlebar controls, I'm saving the instrument panel for last.
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