Heated grips or heated gloves...or something else?

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Heated grips or heated gloves...or something else?

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Like other Goldwing 1800s, my bike has heated grips - and they are great. I live in Texas where the winters can be harsh but, usually, there are only a few really cold days in a row, then it warms some. I've never invested in heated gloves but a couple of decades ago I bought a set of the original Vetter Hippo Hands. I've used them with several bikes and they always work regardless of available amperage, connectors, or wires.

Practicality aside, this is a truly unattractive option and I've never seen them in use on a Goldwing other than mine. They shed the cold (with light gloves inside) down to 20 F and shed ALL the rain and snow.

Has anyone else used Hippo Hands on a Wing? (Photo to come.)


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Re: Heated grips or heated gloves...or something else?

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I use both. The grips keep the palms toasty but the finger tips get frosty. My old Widder gloves have the wires on the backs. Now the whole hand is toasty. I do hate the feel of "Idiot Mittens" with the gloves.
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