speedometer freeze GL2001

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speedometer freeze GL2001

Post by macumeco »

I have a 2001 gl1800ABS, my speedometer freeze some time and stays there for an hour or two ,what may cause this?

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Re: speedometer freeze GL2001

Post by turboman1354 »

Mine does it for a few seconds on a real hot sun shinning day once in a while. Not often though. Yours is first I've heard being stuck for that long. I believe it was warrenty issue when they were new. I'd Google it and see what pops up

Hope this helps. Bruce
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Re: speedometer freeze GL2001

Post by Ghostman »

Heres what youre looking for.

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Re: speedometer freeze GL2001

Post by tmraruba »

I am interested if Honda will honor this service bulletin this far past 2001 . My speedo also sticks when the sun is shining directly on it. I have purchased a new speedo but this seems to be a complicated replacement. I will appreciate any comments Thanks
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Re: speedometer freeze GL2001

Post by jimrocco »

Simple and only known fix:

Take a small piece of window tint and place it over the inner section of speedometer face. Careful not to cover up the mph numbers on the outer ring. This will stop the sun from making the face of the speedometer swell, causing the face to rub against the little pin the needle is attached to. The unit is sealed, so you cannot drill the hole the needle sticks through bigger. If you go to a window tint shop, they will usually give you a small piece of scrap and might even cut it and install it for you.

Since I did this, I have had no other problems with the speedometer sticking. Works great.

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