2002 1800 F1 light came on

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2002 1800 F1 light came on

Post by bayoudave »

A while back I was riding in a major downpour. After about 20 minutes of the flood the F1 light came on. I didn't notice any difference in the bike so when the rain let up I pulled into a parking lot. Killed the bike and got out the phone and checked to see what I needed to do. I started the bike back up and the light went out. Never has been on before or since. Could it have been that something go wet and cause the light to come on or do I need to be looking for a problem that is going to come back?

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Re: 2002 1800 F1 light came on

Post by WingAdmin »

Incidentally, it's "FI" (fault indicator), not F1.

If it happens again, here's what to do: How to read the FI (fault indicator) light
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Re: 2002 1800 F1 light came on

Post by 93aspy »

Like WingAdmin said, you'll have to read the MI light code - here is how to do that...

This has been posted a few times, so I thought I would put it somewhere where it can be easily found.

If FI (Fault Indicator) light comes on pull over but DO NOT shut bike off. Put in neutral and put side stand down, RPM’s below 1500. This signals the ECM to send the error code to the FI light. Count the number of long and short flashes. This will give you the error code.

If you shut the bike off the error code is lost - sort of. It will be retained in the ECM but it is harder to get out. If the bike stops and the will not restart you can get the FI light to flash the error code by cranking the engine for 10 seconds. The FI light will then flash the error code.

Long Blink = 10, Short Blink = 1
i.e. long long long short short short = 33, check error code 33

Number of MIL blinks .Symptoms .Cause

0 No blinks • Engine does not start

Read more: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4239#ixzz3NOWGuz4m

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