Cruise Control sticking

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Cruise Control sticking

Post by cfennell1832 »

My cruise control is starting to stick on, the bike is a 2007GW 1800 with less than 15,000 miles on it, should things be starting to break down that fast???

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Re: Cruise Control sticking

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I'm going to assume you mean that the button either won't stay pushed in or you can't get it to return to the off position...but either way, here's a link to a fix that deals with the problem, albeit this is for the reverse switch, it still applies. After some time, the workings in the switch's little clicker gets gummed up with hardening grease and mix that with dirt and stuff and the clicker gets stuck. Only long term fix is to take the switch apart and clean and lube it properly....But here's the link....

Take your time, and be careful as there is a tiny spring that likes to escape to freedom, so disassembly within a plastic bag is strongly recommended!
Steve F
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Re: Cruise Control sticking

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cfennell1832 wrote:My cruise control is starting to stick on, the bike is a 2007GW 1800 with less than 15,000 miles on it, should things be starting to break down that fast???
No, but they do. The push buttons are cheap flimsy and rubbish. 8,000 miles and I had trouble with my reverse button, my fog button, and worse trouble with my cruise sticking in the 'on' position. My hazard switch would not stay in. I ripped out the flimsy ass fog and hazard switches and fitted some quality switches that cost me less than a quid retail, thanks to rattlebars.

So what are Honda doing with the £25,000 GoldWing. :shock: Disgraceful compared to a £25,000 high spec Honda Civic, the 1800 should be half the price it is.
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Re: Cruise Control sticking

Post by PastoT »

I use electronic tuner cleaner/lubricant and spray it in and around the edges of the switch. I get my spray at Radio Shack (which might be real cheap at this moment due to their closing so many stores). It doesn't truly clean like disassembling them would but seems to get enough of the gunk loosened and out of the way. Silicon spray also may work. I find my latching switches (Cruise, Reverse, Mute, etc.) have issues in the extreme cold when the factory lube solidifies. Using the switches often does help prevent issues and the build up of crud. When your temps are below freezing it may be helpful to use a hair dryer to warm them and the existing lube then work them each over and over about 5 to 10 times, then spray them and work them again. I'd advise against using and direct excessive heat, like a heat gun - perhaps bagging the entire cluster in a stuff sack and blowing the heat into it would be more uniform and prevent any melting of switches etc, you just don't want too much heat. By the way, the starter switch also has a contact (one of two) that will hang up occasionally in the cold and leave you headlights off after starting just like the reverse switch. This has nothing to do with age, just gummy switch lube that like grease gets thicker over time when exposed to dry heat and dust or cold temps; they aren't sealed so they will dry out if wet but will collect dust and dirt as a result.

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