Seat Pads

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Seat Pads

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Hi, has anybody tried the gel pad from Ride Easy, ifso how do or did you like it, also has anyone tried the saddlmen pillowtop comfort pad. Thanks.

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Re: Seat Pads

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I have never tried a gel pad for my '06 Wing but I did get as a X-mas present this last year('14) a pad for my bike. I got a BumBagForBikers. It is a pad that is filled with buckwheat hulls. They say their claim to fame is that it is a loose material so if you get "sore" in the position you are in all you have to do is slide it around it under your butt and change its shape a little bit to get a "new" shape and more comfort, and done as you sit on it with no need to stop and re-orient the pad. I have not had the chance to try it yet as we still have up to 2-3ft of snow on the ground but I am looking forward to trying it soon. They are sold out of the U.K. and have a website. As far as expense I don't think they are too costly, and not as much as the gel pads you are considering. Just thought I would give you a heads up as to another choice that is out there.

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Re: Seat Pads

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Before you drop a $100 + on a specialty bike pad you might want to check Walmart or Bass Pro.They used to sell gel pads for chairs for less than $20.It will let you get a feel for it and then if you don't like the fit you can buy the more expensive one.The wife bought one at one of our Canadian Tire Stores for the back of the 1800 and flipped around backwards fits the seat perfect.She paid $12 and loves it.Pretty much looks made for it and with it being on backwards I put a hole in the strap that is for holding it to the chairback and run my removeable drivers backrest post down through it to hold it in place.You can't even see it.
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