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Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Front Forks

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First of all a big thank you to other members who have given good advice through this forum. I change my oil regularly but after that I need to follow step by step instructions when working on my 07 Goldwing GL 1800.

A friend asked me about the oil in my forks. I looked it up and sure enough there is oil in there. I bought the bike used 3 years ago and don't really know it's history and given the nature of oil, it probably should be changed- is this assumption correct? I've changed all the other fluids since owning it but wasn't really aware of fork oil.

Is this a big job? (I'm handy but not that confident with mechanics). If I go to the trouble of taking into the local Honda dealership should I stick with the stock suspension or have the mechanic use a third party product like Traction or Progressive suspension?

I realize that's two questions, but thanks in advance for your reply.

John S.
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Re: Front Forks

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Yes, the oil in your forks probably needs changing. If you do the full job you will want to install new seals and probably bushings as well as new oil'

The decision to upgrade to Traxxion components or Progressive components is difficult and somewhat expensive, but the time to do it is when you have the forks down for repair. If you are pleased with your handling I would go with the fork oil and new bushings and seals.

do you have an owners manual or service manual to list the maintenance schedule that Honda recommends? The service manual also offers a step by step process to remove and rebuild the front forks.
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Re: Front Forks

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1. Fork oil change is recommended every 2 years
3.It's Traxxion, not Traction
IMHO, the Progressive Mono-tubes is an excellent fork mod for the average riding abilities of most riders. While there are many "believers" in Traxxion, my test ride showed me I did not need to spend that kind of money!!!!
Next is the rear shock! You do not tell the mileage on your bike so,
5. It doesn't matter what shock one talks about, it is a wear item! They do need "help" in time. If you are at less than 50K, I would make sure the pump is full, then set the preload at 25 and leave it there.
If you have more than 50K then, seek a replacement from a low or no mileage 2012 & up Wing. Check w/trike installers for a take-off OEM.

You will get a lot more and different suggestions, I'm sure. Mine are based on several test rides on bikes w/various suspension variations and what benefits, if any were realized.
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