any disadvantage to disabling ADV

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any disadvantage to disabling ADV

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what should I expect the ride to fee llike, will it do any harm to the bike/fork?

this is a general question

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Re: any disadvantage to disabling ADV

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Don't know about the 12 and up,but the previous 1800's had weak front springs right from new.Most recommend not to disable it with stock springs as it will dive bad under hard braking.Most install heavier springs first before disabling the ADV.Yes the heavier springs will make it ride better.
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Re: any disadvantage to disabling ADV

Post by Viking »

I fully agree with Chris on this. I tried disabling the Anti Dive with stock springs and the bike would drop in the front end every time I hit the brakes. Then I put Progressive springs in and the whole ride changed - a lot. With upgraded springs you will not have any adverse effects disabling the Anti Dive. I have heard that a second choice is to clean the anti dive up and keep it clean, so that it works properly, but this is a never ending task, as you almost need to do it every tire change. As I disabled mine, I cannot verify that second choice.
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Re: any disadvantage to disabling ADV

Post by Peteswing »

I just disabled mine 2010 with stock springs i was experiencing a hard ride when hitting bumps and turning when using the rear brakes. I like the ride better now so far not feeling any dipping and i do notice the braking is not as good in wet weather as i was. Getting up there in miles just over 50,000 didn't want any front seal problems until i can do a upgrade. So far so good
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Re: any disadvantage to disabling ADV

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When I had an '08 I disabled it and left the stock springs in. The bike went from being an old wagon with wooden wheels to a luxury car. I did not notice any negative expirence from the front end when hitting the brakes.
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Re: any disadvantage to disabling ADV

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My 2002 isn't bad with ADV disabled. I tried it for about a week and noticed a slight difference, but nothing to write home about. I only noticed an occasional nose drop during breaking; probably because I use the rear brake a lot more. If you use the front brake you'll surely notice the dive but its only an inch or so anyway. I your ADV is not serviced and is stuck the ride will greatly improve as when disabled it won't lock the fork compression. I may be the only rider you'll meet that actually replaced the ADV vise disabling it. Again its a easy thing to test and return to normal if you don't like the results.

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