Driver Heated Gear Plug

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Driver Heated Gear Plug

Post by IBArider »

I was curious as to where others attach the Heated Gear Plug for the driver area of the Goldwing 1800 motorcycle? I have 154000 miles on my 99 SE and have purchased a 1800. My 1500 had a good place but now I am looking for a good place for the 1800 plug. I also have attached a pic of the 1500SE location. Where do you have your Heated Gear Plug located on your 1800? Thanks

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Re: Driver Heated Gear Plug

Post by cal3san »

My 2003 1800 already had 3 plugs installed when I bought it this past April. Two are on the console on either side of the GW logo and a third one (for pax) is located outside the leftside pax boxes in the armrest. All 3 have spring loaded covers to keep them dry when not being used.
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Re: Driver Heated Gear Plug

Post by eagle1wing »

My Gerbings wire is connected to the battery and I fed the harness under the seat, up to where the seat and gas tank meet. Just the plug is exposed. I have it zip tied so it does not move around. In the summer, I just take the seat off and tuck the plug out of the way and so it does not bend too much. My wife's harness is also connected to the battery but her harness is fed rearward and comes out at the back of her seat and runs along the cubby compartment up to the arm rest. It is also zip tied at the right spots. It has enough slack to move with the arm rest as it swings.
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Re: Driver Heated Gear Plug

Post by joeincalif »

I didn't have drivings lights on my 1800 so I put the plug where the driving lights switch would have gone.

Also on the right side under the fairing where the key goes to open the pocket is a good place to mount the controller, My controller was in line so I didn't have a need to mount one.

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Re: Driver Heated Gear Plug

Post by PastoT »

The right hand glove box key panel works well. I've added to control knobs for my heated seat solution and the control box for my grips. Also as I recall the power tap for heated grips was in a boot just inside the shelter near that panel. My Gerbing gear uses portable controllers but I installed a power plug in the shelter just aft of the fuel door.
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Re: Driver Heated Gear Plug

Post by harvey01 »

I ran the wires from the battery hookup out under the seat and attached to the left passenger hand rail. This makes it very convenient to the controller which I like on my left side. My SO rides her own bike so the passenger seat is usually vacant and there was no reason to run a hookup for her.

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