Both cooling are not coming on, 2007 golding non ABS

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Both cooling are not coming on, 2007 golding non ABS

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Both fans on my 2007 Goldwing non ABS will not turn on temperature gauge does not show overheating stays in the middle left side of engine blows a lot of hot check fuse and relay they are good

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Re: Both cooling are not coming on, 2007 golding non ABS

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Fire up and let it sit idling while parked in your driveway. They should activate in about 10 minutes and you will hear them, an 1800 cooling fans sound jet like. You may not notice them running much at speed.
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Re: Both cooling are not coming on, 2007 golding non ABS

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Also note the radiator fans will only operate to about 30 mph. I wouldn't expect to hear them much beyond idle. As Maintainer said, I'd center stand it and let it run and if the fans are operating they will suck in from through the radiators will blow out the front (watch for bugs parts!). If your temp gauge reaches that mid point you should hear the fans turn on shortly after. Mine to settles just below the mid point on the gauge unless I'm running 10-20 mph on a 100 degree day. If they don't run I'd check fuses/relays first, they're easier to get at and next I'd check the power at they're connection and jump some wires directly from a battery to see if they work. Its just a pain to check the fans directly and more than likely they are running when you can't hear them or deliberately not when you might think they should.

You mentioned the left engine head seems warmer; so does mine but I think it may be air flow. I carry a lazer IR thermometer to check temps like trailer bearings, brake rotors, road freezing temp, etc. and taking the left and right head temps. I find there is maybe a 2 degree difference left to right, but my left foot always feels warmer when I'm riding (lord knows it worried me for a while).
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