stuck reverse and cruis buttons fix

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stuck reverse and cruis buttons fix

Post by WINGER3 »

I know this is one of the most talked about problemS with the GL1800, stuck cruise & reverse buttons. I have had the same problems as most every one else has and have opened the units to release and lube the buttons. Well today while doing some maintenance on my bike, I checked the reverse and cruise buttons and you guessed it, they both stuck again, I got tired of pushing them in and getting no release. Now I'm thinking, I have to open them up again and lube them so they will work a little while and then do it all over again. Well I have found a sure and fast way to get them to release and don't use sprays or open them up.

Here is the answer, I know most of you that do your own maintenance, you have an air compressor, fire it up to max pressure and us a rubber air nozzle with the small opening and direct the air around the buttons several times, both of mine released right away and now release just like new and if they stick again that is all it will take to free them up, the nozzle blows out the dust and dirt which is the cause for the sticking.

Now to re-lube them, I turned the handle bars to the right so as the buttons are slanted down while on the center stand, then I sprayed some silicone on top of the buttons, very small amount, then used the air hose with very low pressure to blow the spray into the housing to lube switch. Now all I have to do is see how long that fix will last. Hope this will help some of you guys with stuck buttons. :mrgreen:


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Re: stuck reverse and cruis buttons fix

Post by cihilb »

First of all, DO NOT use WD-40. It attracts dirt. Secondly, silicone is only a temporary fix. There is not enough lubricant in most silicone sprays to last very long.
The best thing I've found is DeOxit. They make a cleaner and a lube, or a combination of both. They also carry a product that will protect the contacts from further corrosion. A little pricey, but it works. And it's safe for plastics.
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