Tire brands

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Tire brands

Post by Dadcharb »

Has any one compared the Bridgestone G704 to the Dunlop 180/60R16 and preferences for 2 up highway travel possibly towing a trailer?

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Re: Tire brands

Post by crock4 »

Dadcharb wrote:Has any one compared the Bridgestone G704 to the Dunlop 180/60R16 and preferences for 2 up highway travel possibly towing a trailer?
I use the stones on my 01. Have also used the Avon's. Prefer the stones. My riding is mostly 2 up, but no trailer. I have not used the Dunlop's, so can't help there, however there is a lot of tire info, and opinions on the forum. Just use the search tool to access it. Sometimes tire choice boils down to personal preference. No one's style of riding, or terrain they ride will be the same. I'm sure they are both very good tires. I wish you many safe miles, no matter the choice.
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Re: Tire brands

Post by joeincalif »

I had a Bridgestone on the rear of my 08 and loved it. I went to the 70 series instead of the 60, it corrected the speedo and odometer errors. The bike leaned a little more on the side stand but I use the center stand all the time anyway, it made the center stand almost like a ride off stand.

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Re: Tire brands

Post by Wingsconsin »

I am a bigger guy topping the scales right near 300# so I ride mostly 1-1/2 up all the time
I used the 70 series Bridgestone on my '02 last year.
It worked really well - I was very happy with the 'Stones performance in any conditions
When I first got he bike it had a 60 series 'Stone on the rear with unknown mileage - but it handled pretty well.
I LIKE the Bridgestone for Goldwing tires.
But I like to try new things so for this year I bought the Avon Cobras for my bike - I heard from a good friend this tire handles super well and I am going to Deals Gap in June so I wanted something sticky and turn-ey ....

The Dunlops 60 series tire is a mutli-compound tire designed for longevity - the 70 series version is NOT multi compund
I wrote into the company to learn this fact. Some have denigrated the Dunlop EIII's as a poor and noisy tire - but I have no personal experience to share.

I have heard that Dunlop is coming out with a Elite IV for this year for the Goldwings -- it's supposed to be the best tire yet..

I will burn up the Avons and look for a new tire - the Metzeler ME888 is out now too with pretty good reports as well .. :? :mrgreen:

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Re: Tire brands

Post by m2102 »

When I had my 1500 the last 2 tiure changes were e3's. I gout 20k+ miles out if both front and back. Yes they can sing to you in a corner but I didn't think it was that bad. Now I have an 1800 and getting ready to put new tires on it. I'm outing on stoines to see how they are from e's. When these get replaced and the e4'sare out maybe try them.

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