Electrical Voodoo

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Electrical Voodoo

Post by Cleetorn »

I have no power to my gauges (tach/speedo/fuel/temp) or the gauge lights. I have no tail lights. I have checked the power on my tail light fuse. Hot both in and out. I have checked the tail light relay under the seat. Again, hot both in and out. I have been told there is a 20-pin blue connector or a 22-pin grey connector the brown/white wire from the relay feeds into. The closest I can find is a 20-pin (box-shaped) gray connector. It has two brown wires going into it (but no white stripe) and both are hot. I DO have a 16-pin (rectangular) grey connector that has a brown/white going into it but there is no power on either side of the wire of this connector.

Am I missing something here? Am I going to have to completely pull the wiring harness and strip it down (really scary to me) to find were my disconnect is or is there something else I can check before diving in deep?

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Re: Electrical Voodoo

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Check this thread from another site. Seems bad ground on connector under seat was the problem for a few guys here. Good luck

http://gl1800riders.com/forums/5-gl1800 ... ion=thread
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