GL1800 Autocruise and FCU

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GL1800 Autocruise and FCU

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Hi all,

a long while back I posted about trying to fix my autocruise on my GL1800, which is still not working. I have tried everything, but all circuits, micro switches, relays, fuses check out. I now think it possible the fault might lie with the electronic fuel control unit (FCU) box under/forward of the seat. Before the cruise finally went it became intermittent (engaged sporadically, and then cut out altogether over a few weeks). I can source a used FCU for a reasonable price from a wrecked 2005 model (mine is a 2004). My queries are:

- will Honda's anti-theft electronic ignition scheme prevent a straight swap-over (is each box somehow coded)?

- any way I can check to see if the one currently in my bike is working ? The circuits check out but I don't think this necessarily means that the circuit board is integrous.

Any views or comments welcome,


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Re: GL1800 Autocruise and FCU

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Hey MC,
I am unable to assist with your problem, but this may wake someone who has a similar model. Good luck.
Len in Kapunda

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Re: GL1800 Autocruise and FCU

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